For the dough:
1K 's almond powder
700 gr. sugar
300 gr. Potato
2 whole eggs
For the decoration:
A beaten egg
300 grams of pine nuts
150 gr. buds of almond
50 gr. grated coconut
Two teaspoons of instant coffee
Quince jelly, icing sugar, hazelnuts, orange peel, etc.


Put to boil the potatoes with the skin, after the skin is removed and mixed with sugar, almond powder 2 eggs and potatoes when still warm.
Once this cold pasta you can get different tastes. Therefore it is necessary to mix the paste with a few drops of lemon or orange, even with a teaspoon of instant coffee dissolved in a little water. Once everything is mixed, you must let stand a few hours.
From 'here are the different ways giving small portions
Sprockets: Form balls, paint them with beaten egg and batter them with pine nuts.
Almond: Form crescents strips and then, once painted egg pallets pass through 's kernel so that they are well stuck.
Coconut: Mix the dough with half of the coconut, you form pyramids and move them to the rest of grated coconut.
And many more, let your imagination.
Once finished buns were putting in a silver oven, covered with special paper or greased oven with a little oil. Put in the oven for ten minutes with strong air (about 180 degrees), making sure it does not burn. Remove from oven and let rest.


Best if you take a day or two before eating them.


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