Cod is claimed for Holy Week

Fresh, frozen, smoked, salted and dried... Cod is vindicated at market stalls in multiple ways, giving endless options to whoever wants to buy it. It is one of the essential foods in Catalan cuisine that demonstrates gastronomic versatility and a great capacity for resilience. In 1972, Josep Pla wrote in “What we have eaten”: "Cod fulfills its obligation even after having been converted into dried, fibrous and mummified merchandise. Cod is susceptible to resuscitation, something that is not very common nor occur too frequently.

Be that as it may, there are very diverse styles and ways of cooking it. It will depend on the recipe book that we have at hand, the residue that grandmothers and mothers have left in us, the time we have and the desire... There are so many variables that intervene when cooking... But health - our physical and mental well-being - should always be the first. In this, cod plays in favor because it is a white fish with an exceptional nutritional value due to the high amount of proteins of biological value that it contains, in addition to less than 3% fat.

In any case, the versatility of cod is specified in a wide range of elaborations that includes simple and sophisticated recipes. Now is the time. The fresh cod season goes from the end of autumn to spring and it is a delicacy that is claimed to coincide with Easter. It can be steamed, grilled, baked, pan-fried or microwaved. It is often more tempting in the form of a fritter or croquette and even stuffed with some peppers. Sauces and sugared almonds go extremely well. They love her and make us the most tempting white tenderness. You will find it, of the best quality, in the salt fish stalls of the market, either salted or soaked. It is a delight in raw recipes such as spillage or cobbled or cooked such as the one discussed below.

Reviewing the Catalan cod recipe book is almost unattainable, but there are preparations that delight the eye and enliven the taste, such as “the calçot and cod casserole” that the photographer and gastronomic blogger Nani Nolla has cooked. Tafane her blog and you will see that with 200 grams of cod stripped and desalted, 4 cooked calçots, romesco, roots and cumquats you will have a very good recipe. Well, aesthetically it will be difficult to top yours. About Nani Nolla we can say that when it comes to cooking and writing on the blog “It's the one who cuts the cod!”, a phrase, by the way, that demonstrates the weight that this product has in our culture.


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