For 4 people:
4 thighs kid
Half liter of beer
2 large onions Figueres
1 ripe tomato
Big 3 's all
1 bay leaf
1 glass of cognac
1 tablespoon honey


Trocessar Saône and thighs kid and then fry them in a pan 's hot oil. Once browned, remove them.
In the same oil, fry the onions cut into half moons, sliced ​​garlic, peeled tomatoes and bay leaf. When potxat incorporate goat casserole and add the beer. Cover and cook slowly until it reduces.
Switch the oven to be warmed.
Put in a baking oven, all cooking sauce with roe on. Mix honey and cognac and mix paint this kid.
Turn on the oven and grill doreu kid for 8-10 minutes and you're ready to serve.

Acknowledgements: SELECT MEATS AND ISA elliptical


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